Notes to pages 204-208

p.204 ‘Jamie had been working relentlessly…’; A full list of the works Tytler is credited with, both published and unpublished, is available on the page titled ‘Works’. The period between 1780 and 1784 does seem to have been a particularly busy one, since in addition to the several works produced at that time, plus the Encyclopedia, Tytler was also offering his services as an ‘officer’ at the Dispensary run by Dr Duncan.

p.205ff The full timeline of the Fire Balloon project has not hitherto been published. I have put together what details I have been able to glean from newspaper cuttings, from the various biographies. where they seem to be reliable, and from the version of events Tytler himself produced and which was published as a ‘footnote’ to the poem Jean talks about on p. 207. The Timeline can be found on the ‘Balloon Timeline’ page, along with a brief summary of other significant ballooning events of the period.