Notes to pages 247-257

p. 248 ‘.. poems by one Robert Cuming…’; I discovered this book, with its subscribers list, online somewhere, but can no longer locate it.

‘Pollock’s New Guide Through Edinburgh’; the book is available to download¬† from Amazon; the map that accompanied it is on the NLS site

p.250 ‘gibbet loan…’; the south suburbs of Edinburgh were divided into 8 sections; of these the sixth stretched “From the east end of the Cross Causeway southward to the Gibbet Toll, including the Gibbet Loan, to be called the Gibbet Street district.” Several maps from around the period exist, but there is some dispute as to which of the roads in the area was known as Gibbet Loan; the most likely contender, since it is shown to have buildings on its eastmost corner, is now Preston Street;¬† the gibbet, however, is most likely to have been on the corner where the swimming pool now is.